new media artist


Exploring the city and pocket option 100% bonus its sonic environment as a means of generating and altering visual compositions.

Creative devices for exploring the sonic and the physical spaces.

recent and future exhibitions
+soundscape at [ space ], 25th July - 15th August 2009, London.
SILENTcity at ARTPROJX SPACE, 9 March 2009, London.
4th Perthshire Visual Art Forum, September 2008, Scotland.
SILENTcity at The Threshold. April 2007. Perth, Scotland.
Interactive cinema presentation at 25th VIPER International. March 2006. Basle, Switzerland.
Videoformes Festival. March, 2006. Clermont-Ferrand, France.

+soundscape +soundscape 2009
interface for a soundscape (in collaboration with Peter Crusak)

Intrusion(s) Intrusion(s) 2008
double interactive audio-video installation on sound intrusion between neighbors

CITYroom CITYroom 2006
interactive video installation on the sonic relation between the private and the public space

SILENTcity : Taipei SILENTcity : Taipei 2005
video essay on rhythmicity and the memory of sound

soundGEO soundGEO 2008
plays sound according to your position in the city
sound intrusion detector sonic intrusion detector 2007
are you intruding your neighbor's sonic space ?
real_color sonic throw 2006
from sound intrusion to physical catharsis

real_color real_color_of_belgium 2006
exploring vizualization as a creative process


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